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Soren Kenner. Busy guy with a BIG interest in life. Seriel entreprenour that loves working with startups. Former Chairman and CEO of McCann Erickson MRM Europe and many years spent in building brand strategy and developing go-to-market approaches for fortune 500 companies. Anything politics, media, music, philosophy, litterature and sci-fi usually gets my attention.

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  1. Cate Long / Oct 27 2006 18:54

    Hello Soren and thanks for leaving the comment re Zecco on my blog…I apologize that I didn’t moderate it sooner…(an oversight). I wish only the best for your efforts and being involved in a similiar effort for retail investors on the fixed income side I appreciate the willingness you all have to take on the big dealers/platforms.

    Personally I’m not sure that retail investors don’t have a good deal already paying $10 or $15 for an equity trade…on the fixed income side dealers are allowed to markup securities 5% to investors and not disclose the dollar amount…so on a $ 5,000 trade that could be $ 250. This is where investors are really getting fleeced…

    Good luck…kind regards, Cate Long

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