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August 23, 2009 / ronkenner

The Modern Making of Refugee Politics

This makes you feel sad to be a Dane. We have gone from being open, accessible, tolerant and supportive to being a bunch of mean spirited, bigoted, xenophobic fools being jerked around by a small group of populist politicians that make you think of Germany in the 1930’s. We have reached the point where we spend 10 years figuring out whether or not to grant someone asylum. Meanwhile we stick them in camps with absolutely nothing to do … and feel surprised when half of them develop psychological issues after years of incarceration waiting to find out if they will be sent back to whatever war-torn patch of land the escaped from originally. Worse … of the so-called Iraqi refugees now being deported to a life in terror at least many of them (at least 10) are children below the age of 10 that was born and raised in Denmark and never have been to Iraq. Seriously … what monsters we have become. Outside the church being raided by the police young demonstrators sat down on the street to try and prevent the police from arresting the Iraiq refugees. Here is what happened to them:

A sad day for what was once one of the most openminded, fair and progressive democracies on the planet. But remember … you get the government you deserve.
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