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April 11, 2009 / ronkenner

Check out … a software company I have been involved with for a while now. Their site of music profiling tools let you build recommendations, explore music based on taste and create playlists based on mood, genre, tempo etc. Eight years in the making and finally into the market these past six months the response has been overwhelming: Proud to be working with Nokia, Shazam, Spotify, 24/7, TDC and many other companies looking to leverage our technology to help their users get more fun and music out of their devices and websites. Flying to SF on Tuesday to meet with potential customers as well as a number of VC’s interested in investing. Planning on relocating the company to the US where our main market is. Looking very good!


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  1. Jeff Vinson / Aug 25 2009 03:11

    Hey Soren:

    Did you know that the Syntonetic “New” web site is available online?

    Looks far more sophisticated than the current site. Clean, crisp, easy to navigate.

    It includes the 3 new board members (names no photos or titles), the new SF office address at 71 Stevenson St and the name of the new Nokia product for OVI, “Playlist DJ” -buy button does not work 😦

    The site is also replete with “dummy copy” sprinkled throughout.


    Keep pushing forward.

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