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October 7, 2006 / ronkenner

Nyhedsavisen is up and running!

Nyhedsavisen frontpage

After month of hard work we are proud to announce that the first issue of our new daily and FREE newspaper ‘Nyhedsavisen’ is now on the street. With an initial circulation of 500.000 copies – going to about 1.000.000 as we get more printing press online we are the biggest newspaper in Denmark.  A newspaper that gets delivered to your door at 7 am every morning – free!  Check out the printversion here: But there’s more. In our world free does not mean crappy quality. Nyhedsavisen and our online site provide readers with the following: 

  • A quality newspaper competing head on with the three other serious newspapers in Denmark – Politiken, Berlingske and JP.
  • Top-notch newsroom – 100 of the best journalists in Denmark ready to dig and get real stories. (Yesterday we broke the story on local populist party ‘Dansk Folkeparty’ making rude fun of ethnic minorities in Denmark. This is being picked up worldwide as a follow on to the Muhammed drawings).
  • A website that integrates news with social networking and blogging. Anyone can comment and contribute. Journalists are on a par with readers. What hits the front-page is decided by common interest and popularity.
  • The worlds first ‘intelligent’ news-site. It tracks what you read and learns your interest. Then builds a unique ‘online newspaper’ for you reflecting your interests and habits.

So how can we offer all of this at no charge?  Simple. Advertising pays. We believe we can build a better, meaner, leaner newspaper, do away with subscriptions and instead rely on massive distribution power to get advertisers aboard. Our launch yesterday proves the model. 60% editorial stuff. 40% advertising. And our books are full at the moment. Who is behind this initiative? It takes a lot of people and a lot of money to get something like this of the ground. Fortunately this concept is developed by a killer team: Dagsbrun & Baugur.These two formidable Icelandic companies supplied planning, structure, financing and everything else needed to get of the ground.  Gunnar Smari: CEO of Dagsbrun and new CEO of the new venture group behind Nyhedsavisen worked ceaselessly to pull everything together.Svenn Dam. Left his job as head-honcho at MetroExpress (Europe’s largest free newspaper) to come to Nyhedsavisen and lead the battle.Morten Nissen. Another MetroExpress stalwart now managing the Danish version and making sure the advertising department sells, sells, and sells (and boy, can that guy sell!).David Trads. Our editor in chief. Former editor of Information one of our most respected political dailies and a well-known Icon in the Danish media world.Kristoffer Gravgaard. Online news editor – from Reuters Digital and with the skills to bring hard news, blogging, social networking and user empowerment together.HelloGroup and HelloDigital. Online engineers and wizards – Stephan, Anders, Jørgen, Jakob, Peter S., and a truckload of programmers that worked tirelessly to get the online section up on time (and is, as a matter of fact still fixing bugs as this is being written).LundKenner. Proud micro-minority stakeholders, online-hippies and doing our best to perform as well as everyone else (challenging task).  Check us out  For those of you that read Danish go to the site and and check us out. For the rest of you … we will be coming to your country as soon as we can. Cheers Soren  PS. Big thank you to everyone involved. Our Icelandic friends for financing and structuring, Gunnar, Svenn, Morten N. and Kristoffer for pulling everything together. Hello Digital for constructing the site. And the many hundred other people working diligently on moving the project forward. PPS. Some stiff competition out there … but you know what: We’re gonna whoop their butt!Nyhedsavisen frontpage


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